[Positive News] Productivity in Terrible Times – Eileen Webb

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This is genius: how to get shit done when the whole world is going to shit.

1. Make peace with your job.

When your heart is worried for your Muslim friends, and deep in your bones you’re terrified about losing access to healthcare, it’s very hard to respond graciously to an email inquiring about the latest microsite analytics numbers. “THE WORLD IS BURNING. I will have those content model updates ready by Thursday. Sincerely, and with abject terror, Eileen.”

By all means, if you’re able to shift your job so that you’re working directly with causes you believe in, go for it. But don’t get stuck on the idea that your job isn’t valuable unless you’ve dedicated your career to a non-profit. All of our work is capable of enabling righteous acts.

2. Set your environment up to support you.
– Set up automatic donations.
– Set aside time in your calendar for volunteering and local government work.
– Schedule time for actual work.

3. Floss.

Can’t help no one if you end up with some weird gum infection that spreads to your jaw.

4. Save yourself.
– Set aside time for normal self-care like the gym, or yoga, or Sunday mornings drinking tea and reading a fluffy book.
– Regulate the flood [of social media and news].
– Be in nature.
– Be with your friends.

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