[Psychology] Contact lenses ‘boost sexual success’

[wplinkpreview url=”https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn2857-contact-lenses-boost-sexual-success/”]

From the New Scientist, 1 October 2002. Research done by June McNicholas, University of Warwick.

N=38, male and female, 18-25, in a London nightclub.

Overall, twice as many contact lens-wearers as glasses-wearers reported “pulling” that night. And those wearing lenses instead of their usual glasses were three times more likely to report ‘hugging’, four times as likely to report ‘kissing’ and six times more likely to report ‘fondling’ than when wearing their glasses… Previous studies have found that people without glasses are rated as more attractive. “But if you feel more attractive you also behave in a more outgoing way,” says McNicholas… The apparently negative impact of glasses in a nightclub situation could be reversed in other forms of interaction, such as in a job interview, McNicholas notes.

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