[Social Anxiety] The Game, Sex, Pickup, Social Skydiving, Self-Preservation, Relationships, Ego, and My Weekend In Hollywood

Do not read this unless you want too much information about me. Far too much information. 4,997 words. No photos. All text. ?As long as there is whiskey in the world we can drink away the hea?

Reality Check #3: You need to meet a lot of people to find the few you get along with.
“leave people better than you found them”
Reality Check #5: Say what you mean and don’t beat around the bush.
“You are absolutely stunning and I needed to meet you. Hi, I’m Karol.”
Reality Check #6: There are no excuses. Everyone everywhere is fair game.

See group of pretty girls sitting down.
Walk over and sit down with them.
Start talking.
Maybe they’ll like you, in which case you stay.
Maybe they won’t, in which case you leave.

Reality Check #7: You won’t have anxiety. You will enter a high mental state, tunnel vision, god mode.
Reality Check #9: Not Approaching Hurts More Than Rejection

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